We make sure your cargo will get there: on time, safely, and on budget. Do not worry about the world becoming more and more complex and transportation requirements increasing every day. We will take care of it all, every step of the way.


Consortium shipping offers businesses access to a global network of shipping routes, which allows them to transport their goods to destinations all over the world. This makes it an ideal option for businesses that need to move large quantities of goods across international borders. The lower shipping rates of sea-freight also make it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.


Air-freight is a fast and efficient option for transporting goods across long distances. It involves shipping cargo on planes, which can carry a wide range of products including perishable goods, electronics, and high-value items. Compared to sea-freight, air-freight offers faster transit times, allowing businesses to get their products to market more quickly.


Road-freight is a popular and reliable option for transporting goods over short to medium distances. It involves shipping cargo on trucks, which can carry a wide range of products including consumer goods, food and beverages, and construction materials. Compared to other modes of transportation, road-freight offers greater flexibility in terms of pickup and delivery locations, and can often provide faster transit times for shipments that need to be delivered within a specific timeframe.


Using a consortium shipping service for warehousing can provide businesses with access to a network of warehouses around the world, allowing them to store their products closer to their customers and minimize shipping costs. Consortium shipping services can also offer businesses greater flexibility in their warehousing operations, providing a range of storage options from temperature-controlled facilities to specialized storage for hazardous materials.

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  • SADC's
  • Inspections / Specialiased Documentation
  • Permits

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